About Us

Mission and Vision

At RaceAhead, our mission is to foster meaningful conversations and drive progress around race, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace and society at large. Guided by our vision of a more equitable and harmonious world, our platform serves as a catalyst for change, empowering individuals and organizations to dismantle systemic barriers and build inclusive spaces for all.


RaceAhead is a leading platform established with a rich history of advancing racial discourse and advocating for diversity and inclusion. Founded in About Us, our journey began with a powerful aspiration to revolutionize and transform conversations around race. Over the years, we have grown into a trusted resource for individuals looking to engage in meaningful dialogue, gain profound insights, and create real social impact.

Founder – Kristie Lee

Behind this groundbreaking initiative is our esteemed founder, Kristie Lee. With an unwavering and contagious passion for addressing racial inequality, Kristie has fostered a robust community that welcomes and encourages thought-provoking discussions. Her visionary leadership and commitment to change have paved the way for RaceAhead to become the vanguard in promoting race consciousness and inclusion.

Our Website

This website was created to provide individuals and organizations with an authoritative platform for learning, discussing, and acting on matters of race and inclusion. As a space where empowerment meets knowledge, our website serves as a definitive resource devoted to guiding individuals, fostering understanding, and driving lasting societal change.


Our objective is to ignite critical conversations about race, diversity, and inclusion, and to provide actionable insights that encourage individuals and organizations alike to challenge the status quo. By offering a robust collection of thought-provoking articles, news updates, and expert opinions, we aim to be the catalyst for individuals seeking to educate themselves, broaden their perspectives, and actively contribute to a more equitable future.

Target Audience

Our content is crafted to engage a diverse range of individuals, including professionals, educators, activists, and anyone invested in promoting racial equity and inclusion. We welcome those who aspire to deepen their understanding of racial issues or seek actionable methods to advocate for change within their personal and professional spheres.

Unique Value

What sets us apart is the expertise and dedication of our team. Behind RaceAhead stands a diverse group of highly skilled editors and team members who are at the forefront of racial advocacy. Their years of collective experience in fostering meaningful dialogue allow us to deliver content that is both influential and educational. Our commitment to fostering a safe, inclusive environment for dialogue sets us apart as a trusted resource for those embarking on a journey of racial understanding and change.

The conversations we organize go beyond simply addressing critical race matters—they actively help mobilize the change we seek. We strive to create unity, empathy, and understanding between people from all walks of life. Together, we can break barriers, challenge unconscious biases, and build a society that embraces and values the experiences and perspectives of every individual.

With RaceAhead, the momentum for change starts here. Join us as we co-create and journey towards a future where race is not a barrier, but a celebration of our multi-dimensional humanity.

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We value your voice and encourage you to engage with us. Please Contact Us at [email protected] for any inquiries or contributions to further our collective mission of fostering inclusion and diversity.

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